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There are many ways to join our movement.  Together, we can create sustainable and meaningful change in the mental health community.  

Approximately 1 in 5 American adults will have a mental health condition in any given year, but less than half of them will get treatment. Help us by raising mental health awareness thereby promoting acceptance and improving our society as a whole.

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Your gift funds our Foundation's mental health education programs in schools and communities. Give Today

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Help fund mental wellness education for schools and communities by buying a T-shirt through our campaign. Only on sale for a limited time. 


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Our Awareness Team (A-Team) is leading the charge in communities to raise awareness, educate and change the story about mental health, illness and wellness. Learn more here.  



Your volunteerism will create change within local communities, raise funds that support local and regional support programs and benefit our grassroots movement. Volunteer Your Time.


SOcial Media

Connect with us on social media and get up to date information on the Lee Thompson Young Foundation. Learn more here.  


Share Your Story

We recognize that mental illness impacts each individual, family and support system differently.  By sharing your story with us, you provide us and others valuable insight into your own experiences and struggles.  You can decide whether to share your story with us exclusively or give permission for it to be published to help others with a similar experience. Share Your Story

Let's reverse that trend by making it okay to talk about mental illness just like any other medical condition and seek help without fear you may lose friends, family, jobs, reputation, etc.  Our Foundation recognizes that stigma lies at the root of solitary suffering that often accompanies mental illness and believes that society must rise up to confront this issue by understanding more about mental health and ways to support those directly and indirectly impacted.