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To Nya from Uncle Lee


The following is an excerpt of a letter written by Lee Thompson Young's niece, during grief therapy counseling.  The letter should not be construed to have been written from Lee prior to his passing, only a method to help young survivors have the opportunity to say goodbye to a significant influence and family member.   » read more


Hope Even in the Pain

My story is multi-faceted, and would take an entire novel to unravel and explain. That said, I'll do my best. My life has been anything but boring. I could liken it to a roller coaster ride. Really - just so many ups and downs, and sometimes hard to hold on. I dealt with bullying early in life. I dealt with self-worth issues. I struggled with depression, but never knew to give it a name. I even temporarily understood trying to find relief from self-harm. » read more

Turning Darkness to Light

I am a 22 year old who has struggled with self esteem and self worth issues from an early age. I first noticed I had issues with depression when I was in high school but I did not want to deal with it and buried myself in school work trying to make people like me because I was smart. That went okay and I was able to keep the bad thoughts at bay until the summer before my junior year of college.» read more

Too young

I believe I developed my depression when I was in the 6th grade. I got bullied at school a ton and my parents were getting a divorce. It all became too much to handle, I quit doing my homework and seeing friends. Eventually I began self harming myself. » read more

More Questions Than Answers

My name is Paige and I am 21 years old. I live in a small town in Wisconsin where everybody knows everybody and bad things don't happen. Recently, this has changed. On November 28th, 2012, my brother, Quinn, committed suicide in the basement of our family home. He was just 17 years old and only a few months shy of his high school graduation. My parents were at the local university attending my first college choir concert when it happened. I had begged them to come to it since they had been going to every concert I have ever been in, and they obliged. The guilt that I feel every day of my life because of this is crushing. I always think, "if only I hadn't wanted their attention so badly", "if only I hadn't begged them to come", "if only I hadn't stolen the spotlight". My brother had stayed home from school that day saying that he was "sick". » read more

Back from Despair

Lee's struggle is all too familiar. When I was 26, I slashed both wrists and took 50 sleeping pills. I never told anyone what I was planning. In fact, no one knew until the police broke down the bathroom door and found me. After flat-lining in the ER and spending days in ICU, my parents took me to Scottsdale behavioral health hospital. I stayed there for 32 days. My 18 month old daughter was being cared for by my parents. Everyone thought I was better after that. Only I knew I was not. After another two years of drug addiction from crack cocaine and meth, I finally set out on my road to recovery. » read more

The Man in the Middle

My name is Lisa and I have 16 1/2 years clean. I have five children with my middle son being deceased as of 12/22/13. He suffered from a mental illness. My son was murdered due to him getting caught up in red tape with his medication. The four remaining children also have had some mental health issues. All five of my children are adults except my youngest which is a girl. » read more

Hard Life 1

I started medication in the 90's while in an abusive marriage so when that ended I didn't think I needed meds. Crazy I know but I was young. I continued to do marijuana which really isn't a good mix with depression and bi-polar. I started using harder things and that drove my mental state totally out of control...thank goodness to the state of Texas for sending me to safp! » read more

Who Really Cares

Since high school I have suffered from severe depression, and have been hospitalized many times over the years. The majority of the hospital stays were scary not due to the clients, but due to the staff. At one hospital in Pueblo Colorado the Psychiatrist in charge put a twenty year old female with manic depression, who at the time was in the manic phase and was quite a chatter box, and at one point the Dr. tired of her constant chatter so he had her put in seclusion for a few days and because she was in restraints the whole time lost the use of her hands. By the time they let her out, she was unable to even hold a fork properly so they had to do physical therapy, and this women who used to always smile and who had a sparkle in her eye was now quite, withdrawn and would talk with anyone. One day she was just gone. I never did find out what happened to her. » read more

The Pain No One Saw Until One Man Did

I grew up in a "broken" home. My mother was an alcoholic and drug user. She was negligent, abusive and absent. My dad loved us but had to travel far and often to find enough work to send his required child support and anything else he could to help us. He visited when he could but they were always short visits and not often enough. » read more

My Hidden Life

I was diagnosed with major depression and an anxiety disorder in my 20s. I think I was depressed most of my life but I didn't understand that I wasn't supposed to feel that way. I was sexually abused starting at the age of seven that I can remember and it lasted for seven years. It was by my father and child pornography. » read more