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The LTY Foundation continues to make a contribution to changing the story around mental health in schools, organizations and communities through the educational awareness and wellness programs listed below.  Last year, 784 people participated in our programs.  As of June this year, we have assisted 804 people at school education sessions, community workshops and health fairs.  We are on track to far exceed our participant numbers from last year.


 MIND – Mental Health Education and Awareness Program

What is MIND? Making Informed Decisions About Mental Health is a signature program of the Lee Thompson Young Foundation primarily offered in Atlanta area K-12 schools.  

It is based on recommendations from the Child Trends policy brief and report, “Are the Children Well?  A Model and Recommendations for Promoting the Mental Wellness of the Nation’s Young People.”  MIND shifts the focus from mental illness to wellness as a resource that helps people grow and flourish. The program design is: 

  • Based on brain and behavior science research.
  • Informed by evidence based mental health studies.
  • Encouraging honest conversations and active engagement.


NEICB- Emotional & Resilience Training program


Needs, Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Behavior (NEICB) model is an empowerment and resilience training series developed by Clinical Mental Health Consultant and Facilitator, Stephanie Johnson. Based on validated psychological principles and techniques of Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence, and the Cognitive-Behavioral model, NEICB, teaches participants how to practice healthy coping strategies in their lives for overall mental wellness. The objectives of the training are to: 

  • Educate participants on hierarchy of needs and how basic human needs drive our behavior.  
  • Teach participants the primary components of emotional intelligence and demonstrate techniques to improve self-awareness of others, and awareness of one's environment. 
  • Demonstrate how thoughts and feelings influence behavior and how the application of cognitive-behavioral coping techniques in daily life circumstances enhances resiliency.

Contact us and schedule training for your school and parents today. Together, we can create meaningful change.